"People always talk about the weather"

.morning comes, day one.

.morning comes, day two.

.looks like a shade in the morning.

.looks like a wall at noon.

.mountains are the background.

.fog is the background.

.clear view, day one.

.frozen view, day two.

.frozen and foggy view, day three.

.a play of shapes and shades.

.a play of trees and rays.


.thermal belts, straight line.

.in the valley.

.toothy sun.



.a play of frost and panicle.

.frost dominates...

...and paints...

...and paints.

.as well as people...

.people, who paint and create...

...and survive...

...the way that nature says, with the inside outside...

.since the beginning.


  1. Anonimni opet kaze.....vec znam pricu uz sliku, a neke su stvarno dobre

  2. what I wonder about is: how do you manage to excel yourself again and again?
    Quite fascinating....

  3. Samo dobre i jos bolje! Takav kraj. ;)

    One word - nature ;) :*

  4. Super su ti fotke prirode. Moja omiljena tema :)

  5. Hvala Tihomire. Priroda se svaki put, svojim čarima, sama nametne kao tema br 1. :)


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