on the first day they weren't noticeable
they were shy
hidden inside

on the second day few of them popped out
they were impatient
or ready
or bold enough

on the third day few of them followed the bold ones
they were weak
or blind

on the fourth and the fifth day there was a congregation
there was an overflow 
up in the air
close to the sky

on the sixth day they were too obvious
and proud
and there was no way to hide

and light went through

and air smelled nice

on the seventh day wind blew
carrying through the air some of their parts
upon us
in front of us
in front of our faces
and in front of our eyes

next day we trod
they were already on the ground

on the last day rain washed away what was left behind
there was wind
there was cloud
there was light
but with them gone
that was nothing to talk about