about what it is and about what it is not

It's not about seeing it,
as we can not see it.
We can see only its small parts,
pieces of magma,
that we become.

It's about the other
the image of the other,
it's about the view.

It's about the time
and movement in time,
with time,
through time..
Through what we denominated as night, dawn, morning, day
and light.

It's about change:
sequence of colors,
awakening in front of our eyes;
sequence of time,
that we denominated as night, dawn, morning, day...
and - it's about becoming their part.

It's about blue
that comes after dark,
and orange,
that comes after blue,
with the sun.

It's about the sun,
and staring at the sun.

From the distance
when we go back, 
when we move back through the space, to another time
 we see its whole,
its image
and it becomes about seeing it, 
looking at Fuji-san.