time is not an arrow

Small cities and big cities. 
In all of them – people. 
Being born, taken care of, going to kindergarten, school, faculty, work. 
Going to hospitals, classrooms, offices. 
And going back home. 
Or at least to the place to sleep. 
Place to dream. 
Place to feel warmth when the night is cold and cool when the heat is unbearable. 
Place to store the memories.

Homes used to be collections of memories. 
Collections of days that are not being questioned.
Simple tasks. 
Places of rest. 
They were created and then every day recreated through the habits and rituals. 
Getting up, cleaning, eating, leaving, coming back, resting, grooming, sleeping.. 
and leaving the outside world to rest.

It’s not time that has changed, but how we think of time. 
If one wouldn’t think of it as of an arrow going in a certain direction, one would know only now.
expanded from the current moment 
to the present day 
and then 
to our life compiled of present days and current moments. 

Human life is as it was. 
People and places, 
abstracted and concretized into realities, 
in appropriated space 
and appropriated time, 
inseparable in meaning.